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An asset is anything valuable to a company and asset tracking is all about monitoring the location or movement of that. It could be anything from employees, consignments vehicles, etc. The latest asset tracking system enables the business operator and managers to be at the top of their assets and fleet performance and status. Asset tracking is the only way to assure or guarantee assets’ safety and on-time delivery.

Key Features of Asset trackers

Alerts and Notifications

The asset tracking device must have the facet of generating alerts and notifications in such scenarios. The asset trackers should be able to issue live indications or alerts if such removal takes place. The fleet managers will receive these alerts and can be able to detect estimated occurrences.

Battery back-up

Trucks can take several hours to complete a trip. Asset trackers need to function without charging for a longer time. If these tracking solutions malfunction completely, then real-time tracking will be compromised. So, tracking solutions should generate alarms in case of a low battery. Modern asset trackers are also coming with the latest in sustainable options like solar-powered device options etc.

Easy of usage

The asset tracking solutions must provide ease of usage with higher levels of simplicity in their operations. In many cases, these solutions will need attention or input from the truckers and other truckers who may not be technologically apt. These solutions should be managed through an intuitive front–end web application. These should be assessed on the web platforms.
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Why is Asset Tracking Important?

Proof of delivery: 

Asset tracking can help identify when a shipment is delivered and gives you complete peace of mind. 

Asset information:  

Getting equipped with the consignment data in one place or at your fingertips is a plus point. 

Real-time updates:

This helps you find real-time locational and conditional data on the asset. This can help enhance asset security and result in preventing theft. 

Productivity Analytics: 

Asset tracking can help streamline identify and resolve issues in the transportation part that might get into bigger problems ahead. This encourages further planning and resource allocation in the operation part.

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How Does Asset Tracking Facilitate Fleet Management?

Asset tracking in fleet management utilizes GPS and special devices in vehicles to watch and track where they are and how they are doing. These devices show the updates to a main system so that the fleet owners or managers can follow the vehicles and check everything is going on track. These devices assist businesses use their resources well and take care of trucks or vehicles before any issues come up. This saves money in turn and makes customers happy.

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