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Let’s explore our wide range of solutions tailored for modern fleet management. Be it ELDS for compliance, HOS Compliance for smooth operations, or FMCSA services ensuring regulatory adherence, let’s explore how Digiolog LLC empowers your fleet for the finest compliance and efficiency.

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Empowering Your Fleet: Digilog LLC's Wide Array of Services

It’s high time now to experience streamlined fleet management with Digilog LLC’s wide range of solutions. From ELD for compliance to GPS tracking optimizing, HOS Compliance for smooth and safe operations, and FMCSA services ensuring regulatory adherence are providing you with tools to enhance your fleet’s compliance and efficiency.

At Digilog LLC, our wide range of services caters to every facet of fleet management. We are also the experts in ELDs for compliance, GPS Tracking for precision, FMCSA services for regulatory excellence, and HOS compliance for operations smoothness. Elevate your fleet performance with customized solutions.



Hos compliance

Hos compliance

ELDs record the driving time automatically by integrating or synchronizing with the vehicle’s engine. This helps in tracking out the time the driver spends outside on the road.

ELDs offer real-time info about the driver’s status, which includes driving time, rest breaks, and other data. This allows fleet managers to manage the driver’s compliance with HOS regulations.

ELDs help replace traditional paper logbooks with electronic logs. This helps in minimizing the paperwork and also lowering errors or any kind of deliberate manipulation of records.

Using HOS compliance and ELDs has become almost indispensable for commercial motor vehicle drivers in the USA. It helps in reducing the headaches of paperwork, improving accuracy, and ensuring that drivers and carriers adhere to the prescribed limits on driving hours and respective rest periods.

Gps Traking

Gps Traking

GPS tracking devices are technology tools that utilize the Global Positioning System (GPS) to figure out and examine the precise location of a person, asset, or vehicle in real-time or at regular intervals. These devices encompassed a wide range of applications, like fleet management, asset tracking, personal tracking, and more.

Getting integrated into the ELD systems, GPS tracking helps enhance fleet management by offering precise data on routes, enabling smooth navigation, optimizing fuel consumption, and so on. This technology helps not only streamline logistical operations but also plays a vital role in improving safety and efficiency in the field of transportation and logistics.

IFTA Reporting

IFTA Reporting

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) serves as a collaborative agreement among US and Canadian provinces to streamline the reporting and payment of fuel taxes by interstate motor carriers. IFTA reporting is an important aspect for carriers operating in multiple jurisdictions, as it furthers distributing fuel tax revenues to the jurisdictions where fuel was consumed.

Most of the trucks are equipped with ELDs to automate the record driving time and other compliance-related data. Some ELDs seamlessly integrate with furl management systems, offering accurate data on fuel consumption. This data can be utilized for IFTA reporting.

FMCSA Status

FMCSA Status

The FMCSA implemented an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate, which necessitates the use of ELDs to calculate the driver’s hours of service (HOS). ELDs help automatically record a driver’s duty status and offer a more streamlined method for recording HOS compared to manual paper logs.

ELDs are engineered to improve the security of driver log data. The system records the data, time, location, vehicle miles, and driver identification reports, mitigating the possibility of errors or intentional manipulation (if any).

Carriers and drivers need to stay updated with further changes or regulations related to automated duty status. Obeying these regulations is important to avoid penalties and ensure the security of drivers.

ELD Solutions: Ensuring Compliance and Efficiency

Explore Digilog LLC's ELD solutions, guaranteeing regulatory compliance and operational efficiency for seamless fleet management.

HOS Compliance Tools: Streamlining Operations Seamlessly

Unlock the potential of our HOS Compliance tools, ensuring smooth operations and regulatory adherence for your fleet.

GPS Tracking: Precision Navigation for Optimal Routes

Discover our GPS Tracking services, providing real-time insights for precision navigation and optimized fleet routes.

FMCSA Services: Prioritizing Regulatory Adherence

Experience the assurance of FMCSA services, offering guidance and support for adhering to regulatory standards in fleet management.

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