Drive Smarter, Not Harder Choose The Best ELD for Fleet Management

Digilogllc helps you get the best results in fleet management with advanced ELD solutions. Our Best ELD (Electronic Logging devices) help you to find accurate results in recording hours of service (HOS), location tracking, compliance reporting, and followup government regulatory for your operations. Speak to us to resolve your queries (if any).

DigilogLLC's Cutting-Edge ELD Offerings

Matchless Integration for Regulatory Adherence

DigilogLLC provides seamless ELD solutions, ensuring FMCSA compliance with ease. Our technology simplifies hours-of-service tracking, integrating GPS for precise reporting and efficient fleet management.

ELD Integration

Experience user-friendly ELD integration with DigilogLLC's technology. Our improved systems offer intuitive interfaces, streamlining compliance recording and optimizing operations for enhanced fleet performance.

Accurate ELD Reporting Tools

DigilogLLC provides seamless ELD reporting tools for the finest compliance. Our innovative solutions streamline and simplify FMCSA regulations and IFTA reporting, helping you enjoy more channelized data collection and reporting processes.

IO-1020 Micro ELD

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) track and manage truckers’ driving hours, enhancing safety and compliance with regulations. These devices help automate record-keeping, ensuring accurate and transparent data for the transportation industry. The sleek design of the IOSiX Micro ELD makes it a breeze to track hours and meet FMCSA requirements.

Designed to handle a large number of known vehicle-specification deviations in the field, the Micro ELD provides robust data acquisition across a wide range of makes and models. Data gathered by the Micro ELD can be transferred to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth/Wifi connectivity, which enables hassle-free hours of tracking and document submission. You can easily connect this device directly to the J1939 found in heavy-duty trucks or easily adaptable to RP 1226, or J1708 with a converter cable.

Feature Specifications

Matchless and Professional ELD Solutions At DigilogLLC

  • Ensure FMCSA compliance effortlessly with DigilogLLC’s advanced ELD solutions.
  • Track hours of service accurately, streamlining fleet management operations effectively.
  • Seamless integration for real-time tracking, enhancing regulatory adherence effortlessly.
  • Simplify data collection, improve accuracy, and streamline compliance reporting.
  • Optimize operations with intuitive ELD technology tailored for efficiency.
  • Experience precision in compliance recording, simplifying regulatory adherence seamlessly.

Improve and Maximum Compliance: DigilogLLC's ELD Solutions

Smart and Updated ELD Technology For Fleet Management

DigilogLLC’s smart ELD technology helps redefine the efficiency of compliance recording. Our latest systems streamline FMCSA and IFTA regulations, ensuring operational excellence. Enjoy matchless regulatory compliance for improved fleet performance. Speak to us now!

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