Solar Powered Asset Tracking

Solar asset tracker helps in harnessing the power of solar energy to offer continuous tracking capabilities for vehicles and assets. Offering real-time updates and alerts enhances security while reducing operational costs. Embracing the most cutting-edge technology, the Solar Powered Asset Tracking Solution represents an innovative approach to fleet management in today’s most dynamic landscape.

Enhancing Performance

Solar Asset Tracking for Versatile Applications

Advanced GPS Tracking

With an integrated GPS receiver, you will get to know the exact location of your assets and thereby secure them from theft.

Energy Harvesting

Extending the operational life of the Lithium Ion Battery Life Via Continuous, High-Efficiency Solar Charging.

Multiple Applications & Reasonably Cheaper Alternative

The solution is a much more reasonable alternative to other asset trackers and is applicable for tracking non-powered assets, heavy equipment, and many other items.
Solar Asset Tracker

How They Are Useful?

A solar asset tracker for trucks and vehicles uses solar panels to power GPS tracking devices installed on trucks. These trackers monitor the location and speed of the vehicles in real-time, optimizing the process of fleet management. Integration with fleet management software allows for comprehensive monitoring and analysis, overall improving and optimizing the performance of truck fleets.

Most Efficient Solar Asset Trackers

Streamlining Fleet Management with Renewable Energy

Solar-Powered Asset Tracking: Transforming Fleet Management Scenario

The Solar Asset Tracker introduces a quite innovative approach to fleet management, harnessing renewable energy to power real-time tracking systems. By integrating solar technology, it ensures continuous monitoring while reducing environmental impact and costs.

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